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BabyDoge Warns Users About Fake Phishing Scam

BabyDoge updated users about a phishing scam in which the scammer impersonates the brand to defraud victims.

BabyDoge Phishing Scam Alert

BabyDoge has alerted the community about an ongoing phishing scam in which the swindler has stolen approximately 18 $ETH from users in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry.

The scammer’s account was first discovered by Certik Alert, a renowned platform for updating users on crypto hacks, scams, and more. According to Certik Alert, the user has been using the BabyDoge name to defraud users through a fake Twitter account and a URL that contains a phishing contract.

BabyDoge is a top MemeFi platform in the industry, and it is no surprise that scammers have utilized the platform to carry out their dubious schemes. Users should always visit the official BabyDoge social platforms to interact with the protocol’s main page and avoid falling victim to scammers.

What is Baby Doge Swap:

Baby Doge Swap is the acclaimed “son” of the popular meme token, DOGE. Baby Doge Swap started out as Baby Doge Coin and is a hyper-deflationary system that progressively increases its scarcity and increases its liquidity. The project is now a fully Decentralized Exchange with swaps, liquidity pools, yield farming, and more. Baby Doge considers its primary utility as building a fun meme community to spread awareness of animal adoption.


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