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Beware of Amazon mystery boxes: phishing attacks are on the rise

In recent months, there are many TikTok accounts that are promoting the purchase of mystery boxes, supposedly coming from items that have been returned by Amazon customers, boxes that include very expensive products for very little money. These accounts generally have links to websites where you can buy these types of boxes.

In addition to TikTok, YouTube has also become an important source of content of this type, videos that accumulate thousands of views and always include, just like TikTok videos, links to websites where they can be purchased. These websites, impersonate the identity of the Amazon page with a very similar design, although, if we look closely and know the Amazon website, we will quickly realize that it is a fake website. These put at our disposal different types of boxes suggesting what type of content we can find inside.

Once we deduce which is the one we like the most and/or the one we think we can obtain a greater return on and proceed to make the purchase, we have to enter our credit card details to finally receive absolutely nothing. The only thing we are going to achieve if we click on these types of websites is to lose the purchase money and give our friends our credit card details with which they can make all kinds of purchases in our name.

Amazon does not sell batches of returned products

Each and every one of the products is returned to Amazon, they are analyzed by the company to verify their operation. If so, these become part of the section of reconditioned products, products that have some kind of tareeither in its packaging, some other aesthetic defect or lacks some of its accessories.

These products have a cheapest selling price, since these are not new products, but items that have already been used and have been returned during the trial period. The more after you have the product, the cheaper it will not be. If, for example, it lacks the original packaging, the price is considerably reduced, just like it has a minor aesthetic defect or if one of the accessories is missing. In addition, we can also use one of the different extensions that allow us to monitor the price of Amazon products.

All non-functioning products returned to Amazon are sent for destruction and/or recycling, but NEVER, batches of returns are created which, coincidentally, are never sold directly through Amazon. Products that are useful for sale, Amazon does not make them available to users again since they are not useful, so they are not disposed of through third-party companies, but are directly in charge of eliminating them from circulation forever .



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